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Many automobile and motorcycle insurance

You should find that coverage for a scooter is relatively inexpensive and affordable. You need to be eighteen for a full driver’s license and seventeen to get a learners permit.


The insurance company may need to know how much your scooter will be on the road. This coverage can also pay if your scooter is stolen, for example. The money they make from such coverage is minimal at best. In some parts of the world, like in Asian communities, scooters are used more than cars.

Fully comprehensive insurance is another type of vehicle coverage. If your scooter hits someone and causes injury to that person your third party insurance will pay the medical bills for that person.


After finding a few insurance companies that do insure scooters and mopeds call each one and get a quote from them.

Driving Record

South African law requires the operator of a scooter or moped to be licensed to operate it, and they have minimum age requirements.Scooters, also known as mopeds, are becoming an increasing mode of transportation.

What Coverage Is Needed?

The most basic coverage, for any vehicle, is third party insurance. The way they get an idea of this is to ask you how much you plan on driving around on your scooter. Scooters consume little fuel, if any, take up literally very little space, and are inexpensive to insure.

Third party,, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive coverage are basic and separate vehicle policies.

Scooters Are Motor Vehicles

Although scooters and mopeds are perhaps the smaller of the two wheeled vehicles, with the exception of the bicycle, they are still considered to be motor vehicles because they operate from some form of power train, be it gas or electric motors. Or if for some reason your scooter catches on fire the insurance company will pay for the damage done and, in some instances, pay for the purchase of another scooter. If you ride a scooter in a highly populated area it may be a good idea to have this type of coverage for your protection should another vehicle not see you and hit you. The amount you tell them can affect how much you pay. And insuring your scooter is what this article is about.

In between these two levels of electric bike coverage is third party, fire and theft insurance. If you scooter is stolen and was not properly secured you will have a very difficult time getting the insurance to pay for it.

Shopping For Scooter Insurance Coverage

There are many automobile and motorcycle insurance companies to choose from in South Africa today, but not all will insure scooters or mopeds. Because they are powered by a motor many communities want them insured when they are traveling about on their public roads. The insurance company can actually make this request before insuring you if they want to. If you run into something and damage it, your third party insurance will pay for the damage your scooter did.


If you are considering buying a comprehensive policy the insurance company will nearly insist that you purchase an approved locking device to keep your scooter secured whenever you are not riding it. Now let’s look at what you might need to purchase these policies. This coverage not only pays for everything that the third party insurance pays for damage done to you and/or your scooter. But there are some insurance companies out there that would like to provide insurance coverage for your scooter. Their thinking is that if your scooter is appropriately secured there is less chance of it being stolen. This is fairly self-explanatory in what it covers. They are economical for people living in densely populated communities, university and college students. Honestly speaking, it is not very lucrative for them to do so.

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