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Use caution and stop if you experience any pain

The Ab Rocker: Relying mostly on the abs to rock back and forth.


It is easier to participate when you have a friend or loved one with you, so that you can both lend moral support to each other.You’re watching television, and suddenly this commercial comes on with a man or woman, usually half naked, who is proudly showing off his or her abs. Forlorn, you return to your comfortable couch and continue eating. Sound familiar?
If you are like most people who exercise, it’s almost guaranteed that one of the areas you are focusing on most are your abs. The more you work the abs, the more repetitions you will be able to perform comfortable and without risk.

The Long Arm Crunch: Designed solely for the upper abs.

If you choose to take it upon yourself to exercise on your own, then research the most effective products which offer ease of use; safety, and results.

The Plank on Elbows and Toes: Designed to build strength to abs and back.

The Reverse Crunch: Tiny movements producing large results. As you sit there eating your snacks, you suddenly develop a sour taste. You proceed to the mirror, and suck in your stomach, all the while envisioning what you would look like with six-pack abs.

The Full Vertical Crunch: Using your entire body to work the abs.

The Exercise Ball: Another great exercise to strengthen the abs.

The Bicycle Exercise: According to one study, this exercise which targets your abdomen and waist is the best way to shape those abs. Having flatter abs will not be of any consequence if you hurt your back or any other part of your body in the process.

In order for any of these exercises to produce the desired results, it is recommended you exercise two to three days per week. If you are attempting these exercises for the first time, use caution and stop if you experience any pain. While some gyms are affordable, others sometimes offer a two for one membership. To this end, here is a list of the most common forms of exercise that can assist you in reaching that goal.

The Captain’s Chair: Those of you go to the gym regularly will engage in this exercise. If you choose to become a member, a certified trainer will walk you through the gym, explaining each piece of equipment in depth, and demonstrate the proper way to use them.

The Torso Track: Mostly used in gyms; this tends to be a hard workout.

The Vertical Leg Crunch: Great for abs and waist.
Pedelecs Manufacturers Keep in mind; however, it is always better to seek the advice of a professional trainer. It is important to ensure the gym you join has up to date equipment, is well staffed, and can meet your every need. There is one in every gym.

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